Our goal in kyisis is to have a natural delivery, meaning Vaginal delivery. So, we do whatever we can to ensure all of the necessary conditions for the mother and her baby.

Of course, towards the end, by completing the pregnancy, we face the great stage of birth. This moment without doubt has troubled the pregnant woman, even from the first moments of the pregnancy.

It is widely known that vaginal delivery is an experience of a lifetime in the life of a woman. During these critical moments, she experiences a plethora of sentiments. Certainly, at the same time, she helps bonding with her child.

The signs of labor are clearly understandable. Under the condition that the pregnant woman has been fully informed from the beginning and has been guided properly by her obstetrician. In that case, she will know exactly how to distinguish them.


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The commonest “recognizable” symptoms are the continuous contractions of the uterus. They have gradually long duration in frequency and the so-called “water breaking” of the pregnant woman.

As soon as these specific indications are observed, the woman must contact her obstetrician immediately. Then, she has head to the hospital, as the labor has begun!

There are specific methods that relieve the woman from this specific feeling of pain that follows. In coordination with her gynecologist, she will choose the ways that can help herself, so that she will be greatly relieved. Breathing exercises will help her to relax, since nobody can predict how long the labor will last!


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Generally, the stages of the vaginal normal delivery are as follows :

-Firstly, the stage of dilatation and effacement of the cervix

-Secondly, the stage of the exit of the baby and

-Thirdly, the stage of placenta’s detachment from the uterus and it’s exit from the vagina.

You will need to obey fully the instructions of your doctor and your midwife during these hours. Also, you have to trust your female body and listen to it. Your body is giving you the right directions from the beginning to the end. The time you will be able to embrace your baby, by welcoming it to the new world, has come!