Urogynecology is the science where a gynecologist is specializing to the problems of urine incontinence, vaginal prolapse (cystocele, rectocele) and generally the pelvic floor diseases.

As urogynecology is, essentially, a surgical subspecialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The gynecologist’s have the ability to diagnose, find the cause and finally cure the existing problem.

Many of the common problems that women face usually are not curing, because they – unfortunately – decide by themselves not to deal with them. The reasons vary: either because of fear, shame or both. In fact, statistically we can mention that one out of two women at some point in their lives, will present a problem of health that is related to the pelvic organs.


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The commonest causes of urine incontinence are:

  • Weakness of the muscles that hold the bladder at place, after pregnancy or labor
  • Weakness of the bladder or/and sphincter muscles
  • Hyperactivity or less activity of the muscles of the bladder
  • The decrease of some hormones, especially estrogens, mainly due to menopause


The diagnosis take place by gynecological examination, during which, we examine the vagina and the check the muscle power of the pelvic floor.

The therapeutic solution, until now, was mainly surgical. With the new data, at mild and medium cases of urine incontinence, the solutions are new revolutionary therapies and methods, by using modern equipment.


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Furthermore, new therapies comes to the fore for vaginal relaxation, female genitalia prolapse etc. (Laparoscopic pelvic floor reconstruction, TVT, TOT, vaginal reconstruction).

The procedure lasts only 30 minutes and usually is being done under local anesthesia.

After observation, our patient can go back to her everyday activities in short time. Modern techniques of urogynecology have high percentage of success, that are close to 95% indeed!

The quality of patients’ lives is improving substantially, so why should you make your life difficult?