Many times, the annual gynecological examination (check) is the same as the Pap-smear, in the woman’s mind. However, we must not forget that it is much more than that.

Firstly, it is about a full preventive care for the woman.

Secondly, it has to do with the woman’s needs, medical history and age.


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It includes a Pap-smear, a uterine and ovarian ultrasonography, a check for sexually transmitted diseases and HPV. Plus, a gynecological examination and a breasts examination. A 3-D pelvic ultrasound and a doppler ultrasound, also included. The reason is to diagnose in time, all the problems that are related to the uterus and ovaries.

We also perform an ultrasound and clinical examination of the breasts, a vaginal fluid culture, an HPV DNA test. Finally, if necessary, a colposcopy. Pap smear/Thin prep, alone or in combination with HPV DNA test, are the safest and most useful tools for the doctor. Of course, the annual check is always according to the woman’s history and age.

In other words, the doctor has the ability to check any changes of the cells, that can lead to cervical cancer. By finding abnormal cells and by early cure, as soon as we find them, we can prevent cervical cancer.

Ultrasonography and doppler ultrasound are performed to eliminate any anomalies of the uterus and ovaries. For example, fibromas, polyps, cysts, ovarian cancer. The annual gynecological examination is completed with a necessary blood and biochemical test. This is necessary, for a personalized health plan for the woman. After that, we can be sure that she’s completely healthy.


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Booking your appointment is an excellent chance to discuss with your doctor whatever is in your mind. Furthermore, to have a responsible and detailed information, gives more comfort from your side. As long as the doctor is there, you can report without fear or shame any problem and have support and guidance.

Don’t forget that the annual gynecological examination covers the full spectrum of presymptomatic check. Moreover, to all examinations we perform the most modern methods.