The importance of a gynecological and breast examination is great. This is effective on routine situations, but mostly on urgent situations of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Before the examination starts, usually the doctor explains – especially to the woman that has never done examination before – the steps of it, one by one. This happens to make woman feel comfortable and prepared.

It must be clear to the woman that the gynecological examination is pain free. She must not feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. The examination takes place in the examining room, which is located next to the doctor’s office.


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The examination begins by obtaining the woman’s medical history. Based on it, the gynecologist will evaluate any condition or symptoms from the genetic system that should be investigated.

After obtaining the medical history, the gynecological examination follows. Firstly, starts with visual examination of the external genitalia for any problems, such as : warts, anatomic anomalies, skin infections etc.

After that, a careful placement of a special instrument permeates, carefully, inside the vagina. This instrument is called speculum and through this we can visually examine the vaginal walls and the uterine cervix. During this face, the gynecologist will perform the Pap-test, if combined.  In the end, there follows a palpation, for the diagnosis of any problems of the internal genitalia and the ovaries.


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A necessary stage of the gynecological examination is to palpate the breasts to estimate the presence of any lumps or cysts. If deemed necessary, the doctor can ask for a complimentary mammography or sonography of the breasts or – in more dangerous situations – of a breasts MRI.

Nowadays, the gynecological and of course the breast examination, becomes more and more important for the female health. Since, we know today that once a breast cancer will diagnose during an early stage, it is curable.

That is why we say that mammography, truly, is an examination that can save a woman’s life!