The curettage of endometrial cavity for diagnostic or therapeutic reasons is an operative procedure. During that, the doctor takes tissue from the inside of the uterus, while using special surgical instruments.

The indications for a curettage are frequently results of menorrhagia or.metrorrhagia. Sometimes, it occurs as a result of

– cervical or endometrial polyps,

– abnormal cells of the endometrium during Pap smear

– miscarriage or reciprocal pregnancy


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A diagnostic curettage emerges at the gynecological bed, like a Pap smear. We mildly dilate the uterine cervix a few millimeters. Then, we take a sample of biopsy from the endometrial cavity. The cervix closes by itself, soon after the end of the operation.

There are no incisions and no need for stitches. The duration of the operation, depending on the case, lasts 15 to 20 minutes on average.

After the operation, recovery is fast and you can go home in 1 – 2 hours. Of course, there is always a check for any bleeding or other problems. You can drink water, approximately, one hour after the operation and have a light meal. The doctor will prescribe a proper analgesic and antibiotic treatment.

A small amount of bleeding will flow from the vagina, but we anticipate that. Usually, the amount of blood is less than a period. Blood is at first vivid and red, but slowly turns into dark brown. It stops after 7 to 10 days. You can return to your daily routine from the next day or the day after.


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A diagnostic curettage is an exceptionally safe procedure. The clinic sends the samples of the tissue to a special laboratory (histopathology). The lab examines the presence of : endometrial polyp, malignancy, endometrial hyperplasia. It is a precancerous situation, that causes thickening of endometrium.

In some cases instead of a diagnostic curettage the doctor can suggest to take a biopsy at the practice. This is taken with a special plastic device (Pipelle de Cornier). This procedure creates a mild sense of pressure, usually without pain. It is safely performed at the doctor’s practice.

It is advisable that you repeat the examination in 2- 4 weeks, after the procedure. As a result of this, any apparent questions are resolved. After that, we discuss further about the results of the biopsy.