In the case that your doctor decides that there is any danger present or there is any suspicion that something might not go well during the labor for the mother or the baby, the cesarean section is necessary and even mandatory!

The cesarean section that might be urgent or programmed, is the best choice when there are important factors such as:


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  • disproportion of embryo and pelvis, because of height or formation in comparison with the baby’s body
  • presence of anomalies in presentation, in position or in shape of the embryo
  • when there is twin pregnancy and the babies are mutually obstructed
  • presence of anomalies in the position of the placenta
  • presence of mechanical obstacles to the baby’s passage (for instance fibromas)
  • when during the contractions, there is a problem to the embryo that makes an immediate delivery necessary
  • the uterine cervix does not dilate enough, despite the fact that there are capable contractions
  • the mother has two or more children that were born with cesarean section
  • there’s a complication of the pregnancy and it is mandatory for the baby to be born before the estimated date of delivery


We take into consideration the physiology of the mother, her medical history and other important factors of the pregnancy.

The procedure takes place under full / general or partial anesthesia (epidural anesthesia). Usually, the cesarean section lasts within 45 minutes to 1 hour.


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The incision will be done horizontally, a few centimeters above the pubic bone (bikini line incision), as it is the one that heals the best and has the least danger of post-operative hernias and the best cosmetic result.

In rare cases, it is necessary to make a vertical incision to the uterus. The baby will come out within the first 10 minutes. In the rest of the time, we complete the stitches to the uterine and abdominal wall

For the next days, the mother must remain to the hospital for further care and she might present some difficulty to move at first, which is totally normal. Gradually, after she walks to help the proper function of the organs, she will bounce back to her normal life, by practicing her doctor’s advice.