Breastfeeding is the continuation and fulfillment of the bond between mother and baby. Certainly, a bond that begins since the conception and the intrauterine development.

In fact, it is a fundamental right both of the mother and the baby and we treat it as such.

Immediately after the delivery, two hormones: prolactin and oxytocin sign for the production of milk from the mother’s breasts. Then, the infant by breastfeeding, ensures the continuation of this production.


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Colostrum is the first amount of milk that the newborn intakes. It is secreted during the first hours after the delivery. Its quantity is very small but its value is irreplaceable. Colostrum. is rich with vitamins, albumins and nutritious elements. It contains many antibodies that help defending the newborn’s health.

During the next days after the delivery, the milk’s consistency changes. Although, it never stops being the best food for your baby that none substitute can surpass.

We recommend to initiate breastfeeding immediately, even after the delivery, even in case that the mother may not have any milk yet.

Make sure to maintain the nipples dry and clean before and after breastfeeding.

Ensure the proper and comfortable position. This means to hold the breast with one hand and with the other the neck or the back of your baby. You don’t feed your breast to the baby, but you bring your baby’s head towards your breast so that the baby’s cheek touches it. Gradually, you will become more confident and comfortable with breastfeeding and the baby will be more familiar with it.


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Remember that breastfeeding is without limits. Maybe at first the meals are without schedule and you may not be able to understand that the baby is fed properly. I would advise to position the baby to your breast no matter how many times the baby will ask to be fed. What is more, never give supplements.

Seek for help and guidance if you need it and slowly all obstacles will be overcome. Mother’s milk is the greatest gift you can offer to your baby, during the first days of its life!